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Watch nRich in Action

nRich is one of MuseGlobal's innovative new products. Watch how nRich gives users instant access to a context-sensitive search from within a website, allowing them to explore additional information sources without ever leaving the hosting website. This new product delivers a richer use experience — unique to each website visitor — and eliminates the need to leave the starting website to look for additional content.

Muse nRich
Muse nRich

Watch Muse Platform in Action

Learn how consumer-centric and enterprise-centric organizations can leverage their internal and relevant external content — free or syndicated — for today's mobile workforce. Muse's powerful platform for federated search, harvesting, enriching, processing and integrating content is the engine beneath a comprehensive suite of products and services that give people the information that they need, relevant to their current context, and in whatever formats that their computers and mobile devices support.

Muse Content Platform
Muse Content Platform

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