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Transforming Content into Cash with MuseGlobal

The most challenging aspect of monetizing content today is unifying the many types, formats, attributes while taking into account its relevant uses to create revenue-producing results.

Accessing, aggregating and transforming all forms of digital, textual, structured and unstructured content, internal and external to your business, can revolutionize your revenue potential. Imagine if every form of your content, regardless of its original or format could be used at precisely the right time for loyal subscribers on their preferred devices? MuseGlobal can turn this vision into a competitive advantage and profitable growth strategy.

Content publishers are working hard to launch new initiatives that will allow them to leverage the mobile revolution while protecting their brand. They want their content to be accessible on the new devices and social platforms while ensuring that they are paid by their loyal subscribers for creating the original content. In an age, where personalization is the norm, it is not easy to stay relevant to all the target demographics across different market segments and geographies.

Using MuseGlobal to Extend the Lifecycle of Content

Keeping content fresh and relevant is making automated approaches to accessing, aggregating and transforming it an absolute necessity. The move is on to create federated internal and external content repositories accessible in real-time to support new strategies, initiatives and programs.

Having a virtual content library extends the life of content by making it usable not only for its inherent value, but also for its context as well. For the first time, media and publishing companies can selectively search for only the content that is the most relevant for a given situation. Contextual search, referential ranking of search results, indexing search results by not only relevancy but also by reputation or trust in the source can be done in real-time.

Extending the lifecycle of new and existing content by using it as efficiently as possible, creating custom taxonomies that can be designed to be agile enough to support content-driven commerce strategies are all possible using the MuseGlobal solutions.

How MuseGlobal Can Help

MuseConnect technology integrates with any graphical, textual and hybrid content using a federated data model that encompasses social media content sources, delivering unified content in real time for use in go-to-market strategies and selling initiatives.

Publishers and media companies are increasingly adopting a federated model to unify all available content and enriching the user experience by providing context-sensitive access to related content. Muse has been specifically designed to liberate organizations from worrying about end device and format issues and focus on their core competencies - creating compelling content and nurturing a growing community that consumes and shares the content.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

MuseGlobal unleashes the creativity and innovation within the media and publishing companies by aggregating and transforming content from within and outside the organization for use in go-to-market services and selling strategies. No longer constrained by legacy content or digital content management systems, media and publishing companies can create programs for loyal subscribers that are relevant, timely and focused on exactly what is needed for a particular segment.

The following are the key capabilities and benefits of MuseGlobal for media and publishing companies:

  • Accelerate Time to Value from Your Content — Media and publishing companies compete as much on time as they do on the quality of their content. MuseGlobal streamlines the creation and launch of content strategies through virtual aggregation and delivering real-time access to discrete updates for consumers.

  • Enriching the User Experience — MuseGlobal can provide a single view of all federated internal and external data delivered from any given query, streamlining the harvesting and transformation process. For media and publishing companies this translates into having contextual, referential search applications across all their assets, creating better leverage for the different production teams.

  • Nurturing a Loyal Community — Extensive support for alerts and personalized data definition including personalized taxonomies and data repository definitions, resulting in higher accuracy of alerts and relevance of content definition and format obtained.