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Navigating the uncharted waters of the global economy and significant social change happening today requires national, state and local governments to have the best possible insight and intelligence available. With the pace of events quickening, manual approaches to analyzing the impact of seemingly independent acts across siloed organizations and systems is not acceptable.

MuseGlobal is proving itself as an ideal solution for federating content across different agencies, departments, divisions, and other branches of governments. From unifying diverse law enforcement and police databases, systems and records to completing contextual and referential searches to find suspicious activities and people, Muse is proving itself as a critical component of crime prediction, crime prevention and criminal analysis.

How MuseGlobal Can Help

MuseConnect technology integrates diverse databases, systems, records and content sources across all external and internal sources to improve the collaboration between the siloed organizations. With 6500 MuseGlobal SmartConnectors, MuseGlobal can access legacy systems that will never get updated — but are still an integral part of various processes.

Law enforcement, homeland security and policy makers can dramatically improve the efficiency of their legacy applications with fresh and relevant content from social media sources — all virtually aggregated by MuseGlobal. Alerts can be triggered in real time so that appropriate actions can be taken to prevent adverse acts. Contextual tag clouds can be saved and used for quickly analyzing the latest data available on a given policy area.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

The following are the key capabilities and benefits of MuseGlobal for law enforcement, homeland security, in addition to local, state and national government:

  • Platform Consolidation — MuseGlobal's Content Integration Platform can virtually consolidate information from multiple platforms, without interfering with the day-to-day operations of the content sources. Smart Connectors can also feed information from other platforms into an existing platform, enabling existing interfaces to be enhanced with additional information.

  • Inter-Agency Information Sharing for Defense and Security Initiatives — MuseGlobal solutions provide Law enforcement officials with a multi-dimensional view of people, events and relationships, that lead to more collaborative and more effective law enforcement efforts.

  • Open Government Initiatives — When people use social media and other collaborative tools to share ideas and information, often the presence of related information sources can enhance the level of interest in visiting sites and using these tools. MuseGlobal's Smart Connectors provide fresh information into a social media or collaborative web site from any number of sources, including from other social media platforms. The Smart Connectors' ability to enable federated and harvested searches across multiple information sources also enables any social media platform to become a 'go-to' destination.

  • Delivering Relevant Content to Mobile Devices — MuseGlobal enables the different agencies to virtually aggregate and transform content to facilitate timely decision-making by supporting the many mobile communication and productivity devices proliferating these organizations including smartphones and tablet PCs.