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It's All About the Right Content on the Right Device at the Right Time

Your company's potential for growth is only limited by the quality of the information, intelligence, and insight it has.

Too often companies compromise the quality of their decisions because the information they need isn't available fast enough, or it's not complete enough. Searching for and retrieving structured content and data from inside the company takes valuable time — yet rarely delivers the insights and intelligence needed to make the best possible decision or plan the most effective strategy. What's missing is the added insight reflected by opinions, reviews and comments made by customers and prospects on forums outside company's control and systems.

It's estimated that 95% of the content that is most relevant to making better decisions is unstructured. The majority of unstructured content a company needs to compete more effectively resides in social networks, websites, blogs, and content networks outside the company. There are literally terabytes of content sitting unused in many companies today as well. Even with extensive investments in enterprise systems for managing the many forms of structured content, decisions are often less than optimal, strategies still planned with far less insight than companies are capable of. To compound this further, the users now want all the relevant content on their choice of mobile communication and productivity devices — each bringing their own set of issues.

Muse Content Machine

It's no secret that every industry, every day is seeing the competitive pace quicken, leading to a change in the very nature of competition. Staying in step with and setting the pace of competition in your industry is completely dependent on how well you use every available sources of content. Accessing and aggregating content from repositories in and outside your company, then transforming it quickly so it can be used in decisions and strategies on the go is critical to your growth.

MuseGlobal's purpose-built solutions are designed to help your company meet this challenge. Our expertise is in accessing, aggregating and transforming content from all relevant enterprise, public, social and syndicated sources.