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MuseGlobal Content Partner Program Expands to Accommodate Upsurge in Client Base.

November 05, 2004

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — November 05, 2004 — MuseGlobal, Inc., the metasearch technology firm, continues to expand its Content Partner Program with dozens of new partners added in the last quarter, including ebrary, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, and Ovid. MuseGlobal works with content partners to provide seamless access to electronic content needed by libraries, information centers, and knowledge management services. Over 150 content partners are now part of the program.

Headed by Emily Fayen, Vice President of Digital Content, the Content Partner Program strengthens technology relationships with content providers for the mutual benefit of users and publishers. According to Fayen, "We initiated this program to collaborate proactively with content providers. Many publishers are seeking new ways to deliver content directly to end users. MuseGlobal's metasearch technology acts as a conduit to lead users to information resources they might never have imagined existed."

Ron Miller, Director of Product Management with the H.W. Wilson Company, commends the company on their work. "MuseGlobal is clearly a company that shares Wilson's commitment to providing the most optimal user experience possible. WilsonWeb customers enjoy an excellent search experience whether accessing the database directly, or via a Muse-based intermediary." In addition, the partnership arrangement with content providers assures that the MuseSearch technology connects to each information resource using the most effective interface available. When a content provider enhances or revises their service, MuseGlobal knows about it and can make any changes needed in the Muse software proactively. This activity complements and enhances the existing MuseGlobal Technology Partner Program.

About MuseGlobal, Inc.

The mission of MuseGlobal ( ) is to optimize the productivity of information usersand knowledge workers by enabling the discovery, integration, and delivery of information and services from disparate systems. MuseGlobal's breakthrough MuseSearchTM solution is based on the most advanced metasearch architecture and features the most sophisticated pre-, in-search, and post-processing capabilities available. Many leading information management software providers feature MuseSearch as underpinning technology for their products and services. MuseGlobal's newest offering is MuseSeekTM ( ), a consumer-oriented metasearch product incorporating the advanced Muse capabilities.