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MuseGlobal, Inc. strengthens relationship with MuseGlobal, S.A.

MuseGlobal, Inc. acquires enhanced interest in MuseGlobal, S.A.

June 18, 2004

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - June 18, 2004 - MuseGlobal announced today that it is acquiring an enhanced interest in MuseGlobal, S.A., formerly known as EduLib Soft S.R.L. of Craiova, Romania. MuseGlobal, S.A. has had a long-standing relationship with MuseGlobal, Inc., and carries out the majority of MuseGlobal's development work for its well-known and well-received product line, MuseSearchTM, under the direction of Dr. Peter Noerr, MuseGlobal's CTO. Drd. Mihai Popa, who started his professional computer science experience just after completing his undergraduate degree at Craiova University, manages MuseGlobal, S.A. Drd. Popa spent several years in London working for Dr. Noerr in his previous company, IME Ltd., which was a prominent library systems company during the 1980s and 1990s.

Mihai Popa said "MuseGlobal, S.A. is pleased that MuseGlobal, Inc. is strengthening its relationship with us. Our excellent technical relationship will now be enhanced even more, and we are excited about future opportunities in which we will participate together." Drd. Popa also commented "Craiova University is an important university in Central and Eastern Europe for training in computer science. MuseGlobal, Inc. annually funds several scholarships for computer science students showing great promise."

Dr. Noerr stated, "Mihai Popa is a superb professional and we are fortunate to have him and the whole MuseGlobal, S.A. team as an important part of our company. Our technology benefits enormously from the expertise of Mihai. Our enhanced relationship is a result of our many years of successfully working together."

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The mission of MuseGlobal ( ) is to optimize the productivity of information users and knowledge workers by enabling the discovery, integration, and delivery of information and services from disparate systems. MuseGlobal's breakthrough MuseSearchTM solution is based on the most advanced metasearch architecture and features the most sophisticated pre-, in-search, and post-processing capabilities available. Many leading information management software providers feature MuseSearch as underpinning technology for their products and services. MuseGlobal's newest offering is MuseSeekTM ( ), a consumer-oriented metasearch product incorporating the advanced Muse capabilities. MuseGlobal, S.A. is part of the MuseGlobal Group, and is headquartered in Craiova, Romania.