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About MuseGlobal

MuseGlobal is the world's leading supplier of content integration, aggregation and transformation solutions for today's sophisticated publishers, enterprises, government organizations and online and mobile media providers. MuseGlobal solutions provide these organizations with the ability to compete with intelligence and insight.

MuseGlobal's rapidly deployed and easily maintained content integration technology delivers unified access to more sources of searchable content than any other solution available. Through MuseGlobal's many business partners, its content integration technology is deployed in thousands of organizations worldwide.

MuseGlobal was founded by Kate Noerr and Dr. Peter Noerr in the UK in 1998 and established as the commercial entity, MuseGlobal, Inc., in May 2001. The majority of the company's senior staff has worked with the founders in previous ventures, thus forming a well-functioning group of seasoned executives and technology experts.

The team's singular focus on content - available in different formats and accessed through different protocols - has led to the development of over 6500 connectors that can combine existing federated content owned by the enterprises with social media content as well as other externally available content to make decision makers and policy makers more effective.

Whether it's structured or unstructured content, Internet, mobile or enterprise networks, startups or Global 2000 corporations, the world's leading organizations trust MuseGlobal to deliver the most important content from every key source and to facilitate informed decisions. Concentrating on accessing, aggregating and transforming content from federated internal and external sources, MuseGlobal is giving clients the ability to glean critical insights out of all available data.

MuseGlobal works with customers and partners to develop custom content solutions that are tailored to meet their specific strategic goals. The speed and flexibility with which MuseGlobal can access and aggregate content from thousands of sources on a daily basis have proven to be critical success factors for our customer and partners.

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